Biological and Artificial Intelligence Foundation (BAIF), (former BAIS) represents a private non-profit organization with activities described bellow:

BAIF Mission

BAIF mission is to advance scientific knowledge on the intersection of the two scientific fields of biology and artificial intelligence.


  1. BAIF will provide financial support after internal evaluation for:
    1. a. sponsoring or co-sponsoring International Conferences, Symposia and Workshops, Seminars;
    2. b. sponsoring or co-sponsoring student scholarships/awards for research purposes;
    3. c. supporting* research in various scientific fields relevant to the BAIF theme;
    4. d. supporting researchers and BAIF personnel to participate or attend scientific meetings for advancing scientific knowledge and improving activities relevant to BAIF;
    5. e. publishing* Conference-Symposium-Workshop Proceedings and scientific Journals relevant to BAIF;
    6. f. sponsoring (technical co-sponsorship, no financial responsibilities) scientific Journals, books, and proceedings of Conferences, Symposia and workshops;
    7. g. collaborating with other Societies or other organizations for activities relevant to BAIF purposes;
    (*) Activities marked with an asterisk are not in place yet.
  2. BAIF may expand its future activities upon approval from its Board of Trustees;